HyCool's Pre-feasibility Simulator

This tool enables users to evaluate whether or not HyCool technology is suitable for a given industrial cooling process.

You will be asked to select values for 5 characteristics:

  • Direct Solar Irradiation (DNI) on-site.
  • Yearly average ambient temperature on-site.
  • Required cooling process temperature.
  • Electricity price: price per kWh of electricity you use for running the chillers on-site.
  • Yearly full-load operation hours.

Once you have entered those values based on suggested intervals, the tool will assess the feasibility of HyCool technology for your specific site.

It is important to clarify that the output of this report is a pre-feasibility evaluation. A positive result does not ensure that investing in HyCool technology will turn out to be a good investment. As a matter of fact, in order to assess the feasibility in a detailed way a complete feasibility study should be performed by an expert in energy management.

This tool is based on HyCool report D2.1 “Requirements: context of application and industrial processes classification”.

© HyCool, 2018 (R2M, JER, Ekodenge, COMET)

Start Simulation

  • Assessment result will be sent to this e-mail
    Direct Normal Irradiation Solar resource map © 2019 Solargis

    Please enter the yearly solar direct irradiation (DNI) in your location. You can get this information on the image.
    Please enter the yearly average temperature in your location. A possible source for yearly average ambient temperature is the "Global Solar Atlas".
    Please enter the required cooling-process temperature.
    Please enter the electricity price.
    Please enter the number of yearly full-load operation hours of the cooling process.
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