HyCool 8th General Assembly in Halle – Germany

The Hycool 8th General Assembly held in Halle, Germany between 10th and 11th May 2022, has represented the final run in the implementation of HyCool project in the two pilot sites. The event has been organized by Fahrenheit. The objective of the Assembly was to review and update the project progress after the 7th General Assembly in Barcelona and to discuss the final steps in the current commissioning stage and before the project closing at the end of October 2022.

After overcoming different delays because of the COVID_19 crisis, the systems installed in Givaudan and Bo de Debò pilots are now providing data from the tests which are being performed in the solar fields and from the hybrid cooling machines.

The sessions on the first day of the meeting focused on the status and performance of the pilots, Ecotherm showed the monitoring systems collecting, processing, and displaying the information remotely gathered in Givaudan and Bo de Debò, not only from the solar collectors but also from the heat delivered to the cooling machines of Fahrenheit. The field demonstration of control system and optimization was showed in real time as all the systems required are installed and working.

HyCool Meeting, 8th General Assembly – Ecotherm explaning the remote communication with the Systems in Givaudan

EMPA explained the validation of the models developed regarding the adsorber material and the estimation of long-term behaviour those materials in the adsorption chillers. The results of this research will be published within the next and final 6 months of the project life.

Regarding the analysis to be made based on the project results that are now collected in terms of investments of the assets installed, the works and performance data, this analysis will be focused on the Complete Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) + Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCC) + Project impact Assessment and will delivered at the end of July by CIAOCOMET.​

The project also must enter the final production of the impact assessment in the hands of R2M. The tasks related to the exploitation, standardization and training, and dissemination and communication activities carried out by R2M, AIT, IDP, and COMET will be focused on the project results, the as-built installations, and the potentially exploitable results and technologies, by means of a communication strategy with the different stakeholders and end-users identified during the project life.

During the WP9 presentation about communication and dissemination activities, COMET and the partners discussed about the coming events, workshops and training sessions based on Virtual Reality implemented by AIT, IDP and the support of Ecotherm and Fahrenheit.

Another key point discussed has been referred to the HyCool system KPIs calculations, the KPIs list includes Energy, Economic, Environmental and Technical KPIs as defined in the deliverable D2.5 of the project. The required parameters for calculating these KPIs will be collected with the aim to apply the specific formulas and demonstrate the whole project positive performance according to the investment and operational data. Ekodenge is coordinating this task.

HyCool Consortium in Halle – Family picture

COMET explained the progress in the work package 9 during the last period and since the beginning of the project, showing the KPIs results in terms of the objectives reached at communication and dissemination level. In general terms, the project’s website has received almost 3.000 visits and social media has been used in a proper way generating a huge number of posts viewed by hundreds of connections and followers. At the same time, some videos and images made by a drone in the two pilot sites are ready to be used in the production of commercial and communication materials, now the consortium has high quality material to start a more effective communication strategy based on the project results.

Ekodenge also has updated the EER Calculator tool that is running to predict the refrigeration capacity and energy efficiency ratio (EER) of the cascade HyCool chiller for a given industrial cooling process. With this tool, it is possible to attract potential users and customers to assess their potential opportunities to incorporate HyCool technologies within their industries. The EER Calculator tool is available at: EER Calculator

The GA finished with a visit to the Fahrenheit premises in Halle, the visit included a detailed description of the adsorption cooling machines production where the different materials technology and their applications in terms of the customers’ requirements are considered. The high-quality processes applied, and the knowledge used in the technology confirmed the hit including Fahrenheit as one of the key project partners.

Visit to Fahrenheit Premises in Halle

HyCool Project is in its final stage and at the end of October 2022 the consortium will meet again to deliver and demonstrate how efficient and profitable is the HyCool and thermo-solar energy in industry, presenting the project to the citizens and industry communities in different activities that are now planning.

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