D3.5 Manufacturing and Commissioning of the Full-Scale Hybrid Heat Pump

In the scope of WP3 the first prototype of the solar driven hybrid heat pump for industrial applications has been designed, manufactured, commissioned, and tested. The thorough tests performed at ITAE have shown, that this solution is energy efficient and brings benefits in form of reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

The scope of this deliverable is to describe the process of scaling-up, manufacturing and commissioning of the hybrid heat pumps for the two demo sites in the project.

D4.3 Model Capable of Estimating the Performance of a Given Adsorption Chiller Set-Up and a Given Adsorber Material for a Given Application Scenario

The aim of this report is to provide a modelling and simulation methodology capable of selecting the most promising adsorber material for a given cooling scenario based on its thermophysical properties. In order to provide the best possible compromise between speed and accuracy of the screening and evaluation process, a two-step approach is proposed, with increasing level of detail and therefore accuracy of the evaluation.

In particular, the aim was to develop and publish a method universally usable, which means:
– Adapt to most of the state-of-the-art adsorber material classes,
– Available to anyone,
– Independent on the heat exchanger design,
– Easy to implement in various scenarios.

To satisfy these requirements it was decided to implement:
– A description of materials and processes as general as possible,
– Using open source resources,
– Proposing a modelling approach base on the material properties only,
– Using an object-oriented approach.

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